Although most of this website has been about how to check someone else’s text messages online many times people want to how to check their own text messages online for a variety of reasons including:

  1. Just for fun. In a sense – using a text message spy app to record a permanent record privately online of every text message you send and receive can be considered a modern version of a diary. Sometimes it’s fun and self exploratory to be able to go back weeks or months or even years and see the kinds of text messages you’ve sent and received over time.
  2. Legal record. sometimes people want to be able to check their own text messages online because every single one of the text message spy apps allows you to download a record of all text messages sent and received on the cell phone the text message spy app is installed on.  These records constitute evidence perhaps in divorce proceedings.

To check your own text messages online follow the instructions on how to get someone’s text messages. Follow the instructions exactly the same the only difference being is the text message spy application is being installed to your own cell phone and not somebody else’s. Then just as you would if you were spying on somebody else’s text messages log into the text message spy members area  and view your text messages online!


VIEWING TEXT MESSAGES ONLINE – see ALL of their incoming and outgoing SMS!

On the page how to get someone’s text messages you were instructed how to begin intercepting the text messages of someone cell phone. This basically involves installing a text message spy app to their phone. The spy applications job is to silently and in stealth stand guard and wait for text messages to enter and leave that persons cell phone. Every time this happens the text message spy app relays a copy of that text message to a place where you can begin viewing these text messages online.

In other words text message spying is a two-part process:

  1. The text message spy application installed to the target cell phone.
  2. Your text message spy application members area which is a website you log into any time you wish 24 hours a day to view that cell phones text messages. This is how to begin viewing text messages online.

Below are screen images of the most popular, most reliable, and most affordable text message spy applications.

These images below will show you exactly what your text message spying members area looks like when you are viewing the text messages of the target cell phone. Each of the below listed text message spy applications will let you see…

  • Every text message sent and received.
  • The exact time every single text messages sent and received.
  • The phone numbers text messages are sent to and received from.
  • The full contents of each text message word for word.

Spybubble text message spy members area showing SMS captured by the spy bubble spy application.

spybubble text message spy log

spybubble text message spy log

PhoneBeagle text message spy members area showing SMS captured by the PhoneBeagle spy application.

phonebeagle text message spy log

PhoneSheriff text message spy members area showing SMS captured by the PhoneSheriff spy application.

phonesheriff text message spy log

MobileSpy text message spy members area showing SMS captured by the MobileSpy application.

mobilespy text message spy log

Mobistealth text message spy members area showing SMS captured by the Mobistealth spy application.

mobistealth text message spy log

CAN SOMEONE SEE MY TEXT MESSAGES? how to protect yourself…

Naturally once people become aware how to spy on text messages the very first question that enters their mind is “can someone see my text messages?”

The only way somebody can see your text messages without your approval is either somebody that works at the phone company, your service provider, or if somebody has installed a text message spying application to your phone. The only other way someone can see your text messages is if you have a cell phone with an Android operating system. Google is a stickler for monitoring everything and any time you try doing anything with an Android-based phone (Google owns Android) a copy of everything you do including sending and receiving text messages is sent to the Google servers so they can analyze their customers behaviors.

Here are some tips to prevent people from being able to spy on your phones text messages

  • Avoid android-based cell phones. This is not to say for sure or guarantee that BlackBerry or iPhone’s don’t also in some way shape or form monitor everything you do with your phone including text messaging but it is known for sure that Google does monitor everything on their Android phones. Of course there are Android text message spy applications but even without installing one of these the Android operating system is designed to spy on everything you do automatically.
  • Put a password on your cell phone. Whenever you’re not using your cell phone make sure that password is activated and there’s no way somebody can get access to inside your cell phone without entering that password. It also helps to make sure that password is fairly complex and includes a combination of alphanumeric characters upper and lowercase as well as special characters such as! !@$%* etc. How to get someones text messages can only be done if their install a text messages spying program to your cell phone.
  • Use a cell phone that can possibly have a text message spying app installed to it. Pre-paid contract free cell phones that you pay for month-to-month are generally safe such as Metro PCS and straight talk cell phones. The spy the cell phones don’t have a real operating system like Android or Windows mobile. These types of cell phones have what is referred to as a proprietary operating system – as such there is no text message spying application for them.

If you suspect someone has installed some sort of SMS spy application to your cell phone

Your best bet is to go to your cell phone provider and have them completely wipe your operating system which means everything is erased and your cell phone is restored to the very same condition when you first purchased it.

TEXT MESSAGE SPY APPS | Android SMS Spy apps – Blackberry SMS Spy apps – IPhone SMS Spy apps


The text message spy app or SMS spy app is the heart of how to spy on a cell phones text messages. The text message spy app is basically a smart phone application. Inside it is contained the code whose job is to silently and secretly capture every single time a text messages sent or received by the phone text message spy app resides on and forwards this information, without clues to the phone owner, to the text message spy app members area which is where you view and monitor your text messages online. Text message spying applications are a dime a dozen. Although it’s a fairly new technology the market has been recently swamped by an onslaught of newcomers to the text message spy industry. Quality text message spying applications are not a dime a dozen. I have been in the phone monitoring and spy industry for the past two years full-time now. Follow my suggestions below. Shown below is a list of the very best text message spy applications that are all quite inexpensive. The least expensive text message spy applications are at the top of the list and become more expensive as you go down. Ironically the first one in the list is also one of the highest quality text message spies in the industry.

As an added bonus all of the text message spy applications listed below do much more than just spy on a cell phones text messages. Although your primary interest may be in intercepting and secretly viewing a cell phones text messages, perhaps your own cell phones text messages, the amount of data revealed and spied on by all of the text message spy apps below goes way beyond just text message spying.

  • Spybubble text message spying application. The one feature or characteristic of the spy bubble text message spy app that is truly impressive is the engineers that designed the spy application are constantly working to improve the number and the quality of features. In addition to text message spying spy bubble also spies on 16 additional communication related features regarding the cell phone spy bubble is installed to including spying on phone calls, e-mail sent and received and a whole lot more. Spy bubble is also the least expensive text message spy starting at just $49. A truly exceptional value which must be checked out.
  • Phone Beagle text message spy. Also an extremely inexpensive and very reliable SMS spying application. Text message spy plans start at just $10.
  • PhoneSheriff text message spy. Another great quality phone spy application. $49 for a year.
  • Mobilespy text message spy application. Made by the same company who also makes phone Sheriff – Retina X Studios. Prices starting at $49 for three months.
  • Mobistealth SMS spy program. Plans starting at $39 for three months. Another leader in the text message cell phone spying industry.
  • Flexispy text message spy program. A fantastic text message spy application and a pioneer in the phone spy industry overall. This one is a bit pricey though with plans starting at $149 for a year


So you’re interested in how to get someone’s text messages? Well you’re certainly not alone. There are literally thousands of people who suspect their partner is cheating on them and concerned parents that are interested in getting the text messages of their partner, spouse, son, or daughter.

At this website you can learn exactly how to get someone’s text messages. It is not a difficult or complicated process. In order to get someone’s text messages, both incoming and outgoing text messages, you need to install a text message spy app to their cell phone. This is an absolute requisite and there is no way to get someone’s text messages without installing a text message spy app to their phone. This requires…

  • You are able to get access to their cell phone one time for about 5 min. to install the text message spy app.
  • Their cell phone does not have a password installed to it. If it does you might want to read this post on how to install a text message spy app to a password-protected cell phone.
  • Their cell phone must be compatible with a text message spying application. If their cell phone is a prepaid cell phone such as a Metro PCS contract free phone for example that phone would not be compatible. Basically as long as their cell phone is no more than a few years old and has either in Android, Windows mobile, Symbian operating system or their cell phone is a BlackBerry or iPhone you are in luck. Don’t worry, on the text message spy app page, when you choose the text message spy app you want their web site will list every single mobile phone compatible AND there will be explicit step by step instructions – it’s easy.

This process works whether you want to view somebody else text messages or if you want to know how to monitor your own text messages online.

  1. Select a text messages spy app. There are literally dozens of them out there some of them are good and some of them are a complete waste of money. Visit this page on text message spy apps and it will show you which ones are the least expensive that have a great track record and 100% moneyback guarantee.
  2. Install the text message spying application to their cell phone. This simply involves using their cell phones built-in web browser to navigate to a web address of the spy application. This will be provided to you by the text message spy vendor you purchase the text message spy app from. At this point a lot of people ask “is it possible to get a text message spying application free?” I’ve been in the cell phone spying and monitoring industry for about two years full time now and I can promise you there is no free text message spying application that isn’t scum ware. If you ever run into any program online that claims to be free text message spying application, trust me, run from it. It’s either not going to work or it’s going to spy on your own cell phone and do other things you don’t want.
  3. After you’ve installed the text message spying application to their cell phone you simply shutdown and restart their phone and the spy application will run 100% hidden and in stealth in the background. From then on every time that cell phones sends or receives a text message you will get complete details of it. These details are transmitted silently to your text message spy members area website. This is how you will be able to monitor either your text messages or someone else’s text messages online.